Landscaping In Spokane Washington

Posted on: August 24th, 2012 by admin

Landscaping In SpokaneWe offer landscaping services to residential and commercial clients throughout the Spokane, WA area. Lawn care is just part of the entire process of making your landscape looking great!

What can else can Landscaping in Spokane do for you?

  • How about adding a tree or two.
  • How about fixing up your garden or adding rocks or bark chips.
  • Add boarders to your driveway, walkway or gardens
  • Add a fence
  • Build a rock wall
  • Add a pond or water feature like a fountain

The list can go on and on. Fertilization of your lawn is also important to keeping it green and looking healthy. During the summer months in Spokane, the temperatures can get into the 100’s, which if a lawn is left un-watered, it will die and turn yellow. For this reason, you can also add a sprinkler system to make watering your lawn much easier. Instead of buying hoses that can cost a few hundred dollars and the sprinklers to go with it, a one time cost for a sprinkler system might be worth the extra cost. Depending on the size of your landscape, will determine the cost of a sprinkler system.

Hoses also are messy, they get tangled, they bend and can be a hassle just to setup an area of your lawn to water. While a sprinkler system will be out of sight and completely underground. Maintenance of a sprinkler system is also cheap as you only need to have your system checked just once a year. Most companies landscaping in Spokane will offer sprinkler system maintenance and system setup. When fall comes around, you will want to have your system checked and winterized.

One of the easiest ways of making your lawn stick out is by having your gardens edged. Edging around your landscape will make the grass stand out, your gardens look nicer and the overall appearance look professional. Landscaping in Spokane doesn’t have to be a chore, hire a professional company to do the job for you!

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