Lawn Care

lawn Mowing Lawn Care Spokane WALawn care is not just about having your grass mowed once a month. Lawn care has everything to do with your entire yard, both front and back and including keeping your grass healthy and alive.

What does Lawn Care Spokane do?

We specialize in maintaining beautiful yards which includes fertilizing, edging, trimming and cleaning problem areas.

Taking care of your lawn starts with you, the homeowner. We all live busy lives and sometimes mowing our lawns, just isn’t at the top of our priority list. That is where we come in. We are here to manage your lawn all summer long so you don’t have to!

We can set you up with a weekly, bi-weekly or even a monthly lawn maintenance package, where we will come out to your place and mow, edge and weed eat your entire yard without you ever having to worry about doing it yourself.

Our lawn care package price all depends on the size of your yard and how long it will take to do a complete mowing job. For this reason we cannot accurately state a price for this service, we we recommend you call us at (509) 774-2955 for your free quote!

Some basic prices range from $40 and up to $80 per mowing job. We do have a minimum fee of $40 which helps cover our cost for driving out to your location, plus our time on location. Be sure to call us today for your free quote! Our lawn care Spokane services can help you with any jobs you need done.